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Cherry shot of some AM #chemtrails messing up our beautiful October sky. This view is looking south. The famous Nawiliwili to Niihau spray route is clearly visible. Nice contrast by the mountains where there are a few naturally gorgeous cumulus clouds hangin out - no comparison! Sad to say, but #aerosol spraying is commonplace in #hawaii too 👎 So turn you precious eyes to the sky & be aware. & for the record, #geoengineering chemtrails are the new GMO’s. because you don’t need #asthma to want some disclosure & oversight on the spraying overhead. Have a good one! Aloha!! 🌺

Happy #alohafriday y’all. Here’s looking to an awesome weekend!! (This week was too long, right??!) #TGIF Custom Stamped Polaroid photo #lovekauai #lovekauaietsy

Morning Dip
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Long weekends are fabulous! Enjoy this short week! ☀💗💛💗 ☀ tomorrow’s hump day already!! 😃
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Is anyone else on mobile app #Vine ? It’s kinda like IG with 6 second GIF video loop thingys. Im slowly getting into it & it’s pretty fun!  Look me up!! LOVE KAUAI
Oh hai! Today is my 10th Birthday! 💚 To celebrate everything at lovekauai.etsy.com is 10% off for May 1st only! Use code MAKOABOY at checkout. #maydayisleiday #mayday #leiday #lovekauai
XOXO! Happy #ALOHAFRIDAY 😘☀💙🌀💛💗🌺 #lovekauai
My treat for today 😊🙏🙌💛💛💛💛 lei kui puakenikeni I wish you could smell this! #lovekauai #flowers

What is everyone staring at? LOL! Grabbed lunch with 4 #SUPsquatches on the truck! Saw a lot of rubbah necks! // @c4waterman @waiolalife @crushsunglasses #hawaii #mynormallife (at Waianae Mall Shopping Center)

OMFG I just searched for those & they’re so expensive!! Small fortune up on that rooftop!
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i wonder… where does it lead…?
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